Natural Atlas App Reviews

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In Love

I’ve been looking for weeks for this exact app. I cannot wait to use it. I haven’t yet but already know I’m going to love it. I was looking for an app to record where I forage and the type of berries so am able to return easily.

Favorite hiking app

I have several hiking apps and Natural Atlas is my favorite! The topo maps are detailed and easy to read. I also like that my hikes are synced to my account so I can see them on my computer. When I'm planning a hike, Natural Atlas is where I go to study topo maps. The developers are also great! They respond quickly to emails and appreciate comments and suggestions. Thanks for this great app!

Beautiful product

Expertly put together. Beautiful app and website.

Useful app and beautifully designed maps

Great way to record and find outdoor activities in your area and all over. Will only get better as the community grows!

Beautiful maps in a jumbled app

The app was previously paid (on top of pro subscription) but the developer made it free. They also took care of those of us who had paid by giving us several months of pro access. Think both were smart moves, so bumping my review to 4 stars. Overall, the app has high quality outdoor maps, much better than other apps I've tried. The public lands overlay is especially useful when considering places to camp. So it's unfortunate that they limit the usefulness of the maps by trying to push this shared community thing. No one I know who heads into the wilderness also wants to be connected to an online community — we head into the wilderness to escape that. All this extra UI clutters up the screen and significantly reduces the amount of map we can see.

Total scam

Does nothing without login. Then will make all your data public unless you pay the ransom.

Another app that does nothing

Just another app that you have to buy to find out you have to pay more to do anything with it. This should have been free so you could see the value before having to pay another $40 to use. Have the developers enjoy the short term money before everyone figures this out.

Requires an account

I really don't like that using the app at all requires setting up an account. I paid for it, let me at least use basic features like seeing a map without making me also give you my data. Instant delete.

Total Scam

To do anything in the app requires you buying the $40 per year subscription. I paid for a worthless app. What a ripoff! Trash!

Best way to discover the outdoors

A beautiful topo map combined with amazing data quality and organization make this the best app I've yet found to discover the outdoors. Taking notes along a trip makes it easy to keep making this experience even better. I also appreciate how well thought out the UI is; it just works and allows you to focus on the core content. Well worth it for anyone who appreciates nature!

Beautifully designed, easy to navigate

This app is just what I have been looking for; an online map of outdoor features and trails that makes it easy to find and record my outdoor adventures (on and offline). Thank you!

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